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Vichy and its surroundings...


The spa town of Vichy is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with ten other major European spa towns. A ranking that rewards a true open-air architecture museum.

The city of Vichy has developed since Antiquity around natural mineral water springs with healing properties, and contributed to the development of European spa culture, from the beginning of the 18th century to the 1930s. It presents_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ an urban organization made up of buildings dedicated to thermal treatments with, alongside them, hotels, theatres, villas, casinos, golf courses, parks and gardens.

The chain of Puys, in Auvergne, is also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its approximately 80 perfectly aligned volcanoes over 32 kilometers long and 4 km wide.



  • The banks of the Allier

  • Napoleon III Park

  • The chain of puys

  • Celestins beach

  • The Sioule gorges

  • The artificial river

  • And many hikes for all levels



  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Rowing

  • Horse riding

  • Casino

  • Hippodrome

  • Escape Room

  • Paintball

  • Le Pal amusement park

  • Paddle/canoe rental



  • Museums

  • Theaters

  • Artist Galleries

  • Guided tours

  • The Vichy Opera

  • The architecture of the city of Vichy

  • The discovery of the thermal baths with the hall of sources

  • Vulcania 

  • Gourmet restaurants

By highway

Clermont-Ferrand: 35 minutes

Paris: 3h30

Lyons: 2 hours

Saint-Etienne: 1h30

Montpellier: 3h30

Bordeaux: 4 hours

By train

Vichy station

Paris: 2h50

Lyons: 2h15

By plane

Clermont-Ferrand International Airport (45 min from Vichy)

Charmeil aerodrome - private flights (5 min from Vichy)

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